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NCT DREAM - Dear DREAM Mp3 Download — Most popular and Proficient celeb, comes out shining with a brand name identify new one particular titled “Dear DREAM“. The songs is out there on all streaming platforms. It is no dilemma that the song is a really addictive jam, update your playlist with Dear DREAM Song and like.

The new single “Dear DREAM” by NCT DREAM, the K-Pop sensation, is available now!

Download Dear DREAM - NCT DREAM Mp3

The new one particular “NCT DREAM - Dear DREAM” is an amazing song devoted to the admirers and admirers of the music. It is a magnificent cruise songs for your relaxation and listening fulfillment.

This sensational strike songs obtained it is exterior help from a pair preferred singers and songwriters.

The nice new songs “NCT DREAM - Dear DREAM” is a abide by-up to his the hottest smash songs and is an outstanding music that you would not want to forget about at all.

This amazing vibe will unquestionably get you entangled in no time at all.

In the meantime, the great new melody is an outstanding songs that will unquestionably be certainly truly worth a set on your playlist if you are a lover of top-quality music.

Song Information

Name: Dear DREAM
Category: K-Pop
Album: We Go Up - The 2nd Mini Album
Release Year: 2018
Duration: 3:10
Size: 4.35 MB
Source: YouTube

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  • You will enter the download page

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The music "Dear DREAM" is a loveable music that was perfectly penned and composed. The Dear DREAM by NCT DREAM is an magnificent music that you are not able to manage to overlook.

Also, the spectacular one options Award-profitable songs star, NCT DREAM who shipped an astounding verse.

In summary, the music "Dear DREAM" was manufactured by proficient songs producer, NCT DREAM.

Right here is an historic music titled Dear DREAM. Considering the fact that its previous fall the music has significant downloads. Update admirers communicate about this music like it was yesterday it was dropped.

Extra people today have been downloading this music at significant. Any time NCT DREAM - Dear DREAM track performs, people today have a tendency to dance at significant. People today willingly download this strike music. Consider me this music will switch that favorite in you machine. NCT DREAM - Dear DREAM is a banger download it immediately.

The preferred and powerful monitor “Dear DREAM” was set collectively by NCT DREAM, and around time has come to be fans’ most loved and is normally on their lips with charming dance moves.

He provides in NCT DREAM who lend their voice and creative imagination to provide an intriguing masterpiece.


방심했던 마음은 이제 깨서 보니깐
보이는 이 노래를 나중에
돌아볼 때도 흐릿하지 않게
지금을 진하게 칠하는 법도 빨리 알고 싶어

벌써 알지 않아도, 되지만 아직도
실감 못 하고 있지만
같이 탔던 차에 보인 창문 바깥처럼 주변
모두 다 looking like a blur, 움직임 빨라
어느새 우리도 차에 속도를 따라갔나 봐
사실, 근데 아직 그대로 멈춘듯해 in the past
그때가 늘 내겐 그때로, hope it never fades out

낯선 시선 각자만의 길로만
가다 보면, 시선이 닿겠지 언젠간
적막 속이라도, 서로의 목소리 닿겠지
우린 늘 그렇게 서로를 걱정하게 되겠지
기억해 we are in touch
늘 같은 시간, 같은 자리, 언제나 함께였던
우리가 용기가 없어 전하지 못했던 말

이거 하나만 잊지 마 아주 먼 어느 밤
너를 위로할 별 하나 아마 나일 거야
우리가 아닌 누구도 이해 못 할 크기로
넌 존재해 내 마음에, I'll be your home

Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
I'll be your home

데려다줄게 널, 되돌려줄게 널
돌고 돌아 추억 아닌 기억이 될 걸
알고 있어 남아있는 미안함과 아쉬움
밤낮 익숙지 못해 느꼈던 그리움
Yeah, I know, 시간이 말해주길
You know? 계속 걸어, 빛 따라서, 우린
또 누군가의 꿈이었고, 우리 서롤 don't forget
언제나 너의 곁에 있다는 거, you must know that

가끔은 생각해 현실이 꿈일 때
우릴 위해 항상 웃던 갈매기가 걱정돼
같은 배 타도 혼자 다른 바다라는 게
어차피 계속 내가 등의 기댈 등대 되어 줄 거니?
Yeah, this is fate, and that's a fact
너무 힘들 땐, 네 초록빛이 돼 줄게
그 기쁜 맘을 깊게 간직한 다음 말해
Feel like what, we gon' stay

내가 했던 말 기억나 오래 전 매일 밤
나의 꿈에 본 나침판 이젠 알아 너야
지나고 보니 어렸던 그땐 참 커 보였던
네 모습이 내 힘이 돼, I'll be your home (I'll be your home)

Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh (yeah), ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
I'll be your home (hey)
I'll be your home (I'll be yours)
Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh (I'll be yours), ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh (I'll be yours)
I'll be your home (I'll be your home)

흘러가는 것 중, 이건 only one part
적어도 돼 줄거라 믿어, 이거 bookmark
흐름에 그대로 놔둘 때가 더 자연스러워
But I don't want this to sound like we're about to depart
I'll be your home
If I ever get lost 티는 안 내려고 하겠지만
I'ma call back 부르는 내 tone을, 잊지 말고 (I'll be your home)
언제든 외칠 땐 하던 대로
Hope we always feel like (I'll be your home)


This music has now begun earning substantial pattern. The music has favourable language which ideal for all age. Dear DREAM - NCT DREAM is pursuing to continue to be applicable in the playlist of songs fans. The artist set in excess effort and hard work on this music. Admirers are broadly psyched with this new rhythm.

Really don't hold out for anyone to engage in it for you. Know this music by you. Really don't allow it go your ears. Download it on Fakaza today!

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