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Posted on February 27, 2024 by Jahmiel, Alkaline & Mavado

jahmiel, Alkaline & Mavado - Jealousy Mp3 Download — Popular and Talented superstar, comes out shining with a model new single titled “Jealousy“. The song is available on all streaming platforms. It is no doubt that the music is a very addictive jam, update your playlist with Jealousy Song and enjoy.

The new single “Jealousy” by Jahmiel, Alkaline & Mavado, the Naija sensation, is obtainable now!

Download Jealousy - Jahmiel, Alkaline & Mavado Mp3

The new single “jahmiel, Alkaline & Mavado - Jealousy” is an impressive song committed to the fans and lovers of the audio. It is a nice cruise song for your leisure and listening pleasure.

This sensational hit song acquired it’s external assist from a few prominent singers and songwriters.

The delightful new song “jahmiel, Alkaline & Mavado - Jealousy” is a follow-up to his recent smash song and is an awesome music that you wouldn’t want to forget about at all.

This impressive vibe will definitely get you entangled in no time at all.

Meanwhile, the great new melody is an awesome song that will definitely be worth a place on your playlist if you are a lover of good audio.

Song Information

Name: Jealousy
Category: Naija
Artist: Jahmiel, Alkaline & Mavado
Album: Jealousy
Release Year: 2019
Duration: 3:03
Size: 4.19 MB
Source: YouTube

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The song "Jealousy" is a loveable song that was well written and composed. The Jealousy by Jahmiel, Alkaline & Mavado is an awesome song that you can't manage to overlook.

Furthermore, the impressive single features Award-winning audio star, Jahmiel, Alkaline & Mavado who delivered an amazing verse.

In conclusion, the song "Jealousy" was produced by talented audio producer, Jahmiel, Alkaline & Mavado.

Listed here is an historical song titled Jealousy. Since its previous drop the song has massive downloads. Update fans talk about this song like it was yesterday it was dropped.

More people have been downloading this song at large. Whenever jahmiel, Alkaline & Mavado - Jealousy music plays, people are inclined to dance at large. People willingly download this hit song. Believe me this song will replace that favourite in you device. jahmiel, Alkaline & Mavado - Jealousy is a banger download it immediately.

The popular and compelling observe “Jealousy” was put collectively by Jahmiel, Alkaline & Mavado, and over time has become fans’ favorite and is always on their lips with captivating dance moves.

He brings in Jahmiel, Alkaline & Mavado who lend their voice and creativity to supply an intriguing masterpiece.

jahmiel, Alkaline & Mavado - Jealousy Lyric

[Yuh can see it inna dem eye
Dem nuh real dem a try fi defeat I and I]
(Can't dweet yuh talk it like a joke but a nuh lie
Some wi smile inna yuh face but dem a wish fi see yuh die)

Jealousy, jealousy
Di weak one always come yah wid a jealousy (jealousy)
Bad Energy (Bad Energy [Yeah])
Suck yuh mumma guh weh wid yuh jealousy (jealousy)
Jealousy (jelousy)
Me see di weak one always come yah wid dem jealousy (jealousy, anyway)
Bad energy

Me haffi seh congrats to miself caa me did it (did it)
A nuh dream me a dream me a live it (live it)
Me neva have nothin either coulda be a underachiever
Never doubt myself fi a minute
Dis a one boy dutty heart couldn't predict
Sacrifice my entire life fi dis
And me never tell no one dont throw me ticket unu keep it
Even tho we start from crumbs
Wickets we send deep dung inna di slums
Tell meself seh me nah lose cya lose
Till every breath weh inna me lungs done
Now a nuh time fi know a bunk
Di ball inna mi court fi slam dunk
Dont got time fi argue wid a punk
Caa me pree too smart fi fall fi unu stunt
Man a talk bout

Him a try set man up
Wah bring we dung but we still stand up
We a fly high dem wah dem wing yah cut
Blessings a over flow me need a bigger cup
Frass me been some places dem nuh bin inna
Tell dem nuh size up cause dem only see it a cinema
If we nuh do we thing dem nahve nuh style fi live inna
We deh pon another level suh tell di beginner


Jealousy Jealousy
Di weak one always come yah wid a jealousy
Bad Energy
Suck yuh Mumma gweh wid yuh jealousy jealousy
Me see di weak one always come yah wid dem
Jealousy Jealousy

Bad energy
(Ayy, hey)

Put on me glasses bun di crosses
Me work hard fi tun di riches tell di smartest
Dis a g life dem a game cartridge
Bruck yuh neck to look up in the sky to where
The boss live rich like Bill Gates me buy place
Me nuh buy friend di pussy dem a gwan like me nuh inspire dem

Di-di-di monster become the mastermind
Yuh shame (Alright mi will tek it yah suh)
You is just a fucking Johncrow brain

It out a my hands now jah a beat dem fi dem sins
All me years a never grudge nobody fi dem things
And i will never you coulda hold whatever
Believe inna miself me persevere put dem together now me
Now me up deh wait deh weh me cup deh

Jump out a di truck yuh know me have sumtin weh tuck weh
Now me nuh inna di fuckery
Dem gal a dead fi fuck we
And a dat a cause all a di problem mek me pree seh a

Jealousy Jealousy (yeah yeah)
Di weak one always come yah wid a
Jealousy (di weak one always come yah wid a)
Bad Energy
Suck yuh mumma guh weh wid yuh jealousy (jealousy)
Jealousy (jealousy)
Me see di weak one always come yah wid dem jealousy
Bad energy (Jealousy)

Final Words

This song has already started making huge craze. The song has positive language which ideal for all age. Jealousy - Jahmiel, Alkaline & Mavado is pursuing to continue to be relevant in the playlist of audio lovers. The artist put in extra effort on this song. Fans are broadly excited with this new rhythm.

Really don't wait for someone to engage in it for you. Know this song by yourself. Really don't permit it pass your ears. Download it on Fakaza today!

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