Alkaline - Whey Yuh Have

Posted on May 22, 2024 by Alkaline

Alkaline - Whey Yuh Have Mp3 Download — Most popular and Proficient movie star, comes out shining with a company new one titled “Whey Yuh Have“. The new music is out there on all streaming platforms. It is no dilemma that the song is a really addictive jam, update your playlist with Whey Yuh Have Song and like.

The new single “Whey Yuh Have” by Alkaline, the Naija emotion, is out there now!

Download Whey Yuh Have - Alkaline Mp3

The new one “Alkaline - Whey Yuh Have” is an amazing song concentrated to the admirers and admirers of the new new music. It is a magnificent cruise new music for your peace and listening gratification.

This sensational strike new music received it is exterior assist from a pair preferred singers and songwriters.

The enjoyable new new music “Alkaline - Whey Yuh Have” is a abide by-up to his the hottest smash new music and is an outstanding music that you would not want to miss at all.

This amazing vibe will surely get you entangled in no time at all.

In the meantime, the terrific new melody is an outstanding new music that will surely be certainly truly worth a set on your playlist if you are a lover of top-quality new new music.

Song Information

Name: Whey Yuh Have
Category: Naija
Artist: Alkaline
Album: Wrangla Riddim
Release Year: 2015
Duration: 3:07
Size: 4.28 MB
Source: YouTube

How to Download Whey Yuh Have Mp3 Music

  • Press the "Download" button

  • You will enter the download page

  • Select the audio quality

  • Then select the download server available on that page

  • Click "Start Download"

  • Wait for a moment

  • Your file will be downloaded immediately

  • Enjoy


The music "Whey Yuh Have" is a loveable music that was perfectly penned and composed. The Whey Yuh Have by Alkaline is an magnificent music that you are not able to afford to miss.

Also, the spectacular one options Award-profitable new music star, Alkaline who shipped an astounding verse.

In summary, the music "Whey Yuh Have" was manufactured by proficient new music producer, Alkaline.

In this article is an historic music titled Whey Yuh Have. Considering the fact that its last fall the music has significant downloads. Update admirers communicate about this music like it was yesterday it was dropped.

Extra people today have been downloading this music at significant. Any time Alkaline - Whey Yuh Have track performs, people today are likely to dance at significant. People today willingly download this strike music. Consider me this music will switch that favorite in you machine. Alkaline - Whey Yuh Have is a banger download it now.

The preferred and powerful keep track of “Whey Yuh Have” was set together by Alkaline, and around time has come to be fans’ most loved and is normally on their lips with charming dance moves.

He provides in Alkaline who lend their voice and creative imagination to produce an intriguing masterpiece.

Alkaline - Whey Yuh Have Lyric

All who a style mi fi just the career weh unuh have
Wa kind a asset, wa career unuh have?
Look paw mi shoes wa kind a pair unuh have
Rasclaat 4 million dollar chain have
Sitting pon millions wa kind a chair unuh have
You have supn fi seh so seh weh you have
Before you try style mi declare weh you have
Suh stay in a yo lane and mi wi stay in a mi house

Nuh pu**y hole nuh deh paw mi fi you a style mi
Some rassclaat naked gyal brite hee
Some dutty bwoy weh don't even own a shirt a try fi style me
MI a drink champagne pon a plane
Some man a cuss pon IG
Full out a nation every time mi fly G
Buy mi mother house, buy mi likkle sister X3
Deh yah all a think fi retire


Why the f**k mi would a waan be another man
Mi life happy, plus mi c**key long
To the mill, to two mill, to mill, to three million
Artist slash gun man
Mi a the man at 21
Mi nuh f**k broke gyal tell her fi keep on her tang
Mi nuh have no haters just undercover fans
The more dem hate mi, the more mi pocket give thanks
Right now mi feel like play the new Shabba Ranx

(Repeat 2X)

(Repeat 1)



This music has now begun earning substantial development. The music has favourable language which suitable for all age. Whey Yuh Have - Alkaline is pursuing to remain applicable in the playlist of new music fans. The artist set in excess effort and hard work on this music. Admirers are widely psyched with this new rhythm.

Don’t hold out for anyone to play it for you. Know this music by you. Don’t enable it go your ears. Download it on Fakaza today!

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