J. Cole - Dead Presidents

Posted on May 17, 2024 by J. Cole

J. Cole - Dead Presidents Mp3 Download — Effectively-identified and Proficient superstar, comes out shining with a product new one titled “Dead Presidents“. The audio is obtainable on all streaming platforms. It is no doubt that the music is a actually addictive jam, update your playlist with Dead Presidents Song and get satisfaction in.

The new single “Dead Presidents” by J. Cole, the West sensation, is obtainable now!

Download Dead Presidents - J. Cole Mp3

The new one “J. Cole - Dead Presidents” is an exceptional song fully commited to the supporters and supporters of the audio. It is a excellent cruise audio for your leisure and listening pleasure.

This sensational hit audio received it’s external assist from a handful of effectively identified singers and songwriters.

The delightful new audio “J. Cole - Dead Presidents” is a stick to-up to his most recent smash audio and is an excellent music that you wouldn’t want to miss at all.

This exceptional vibe will surely get you entangled in no time at all.

Meanwhile, the outstanding new melody is an excellent audio that will surely be effectively well worth a location on your playlist if you are a lover of outstanding audio.

Song Information

Name: Dead Presidents
Category: West
Artist: J. Cole
Album: The Come Up
Release Year: 2007
Duration: 3:09
Size: 4.33 MB
Source: YouTube

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The music "Dead Presidents" is a loveable music that was effectively composed and composed. The Dead Presidents by J. Cole is an great music that you can not afford to miss.

In addition, the remarkable one functions Award-profitable audio star, J. Cole who shipped an remarkable verse.

In conclusion, the music "Dead Presidents" was made by proficient audio producer, J. Cole.

Listed here is an historical music titled Dead Presidents. Given that its last drop the music has enormous downloads. Update supporters discuss about this music like it was yesterday it was dropped.

A lot more folks have been downloading this music at huge. Every time J. Cole - Dead Presidents track plays, folks are inclined to dance at huge. Folks willingly download this hit music. Feel me this music will substitute that favourite in you unit. J. Cole - Dead Presidents is a banger download it now.

The well-known and powerful observe “Dead Presidents” was set together by J. Cole, and above time has grow to be fans’ favourite and is often on their lips with charming dance moves.

He provides in J. Cole who lend their voice and creative imagination to supply an intriguing masterpiece.

J. Cole - Dead Presidents Lyric

Give me my money, man, why else would a nigga be grinding?
I'm for them diamonds, dog, how else could a nigga be shining?
I'm glowing, knowing that the flow intact
Get this record deal, I swear to God, my first mil I'm blowing that
Now, like fuck it I know I'll grow it back, shit, it's nothing,
Funny how blacks spend their money on mad shit for stuntin
But shit, that's all we know man, thats how a niggas raised
You learn bout two things: getting pussy, getting paid
And you should be gettin laid by the time you in ninth grade,
So niggas lying on they dick and hoes giving nice brain, yea.
In class dreamin bout having these nice things
And then you look around and wonder why you strugglin
But them whites ain't
I brush it off like, "fuck it, it's motivation,"
Some niggas gotta walk through life, some niggas roller skating
Some niggas bypassing steps, some niggas chose to take 'em
And for that fortune, man, some niggas sold their soul to Satan,
But fuck it man, I ain't hatin, I gotta go for mines.
My little God-sister pregnant now, I put in overtime,
On my grind, yea, just like the nigga making Fortunes,
I'm focused, on my bite, like a cobra, I'm tryna get my Oprah on
These hoes is crying cuz I won't pay 'em attention,
Time is money, bitch, and a nigga payin tuition,
Real niggas hustle by using their intuition,
While these fake niggas ain't into doing, they into wishin,

Til I'm rich, ain't no reason to settle nigga,
It's greed that make a nigga wink at the devil to get that cheese,
You niggas couldn't think at my level, even with trees,
You couldn't get this deep with a shovel, now nigga, please,
I'm chasing G's tryna throw some diamonds on them freeze,
Sick shit, sneeze on some thousand-dollar sleeves.
Ease to the top and I'm not finna leave til I'm hot,
But my watch gotta breeze, a south nigga,
Boy, I'm shining without the diamonds in my mouth,
Out grindin while you reclining on your couch,
I'm climbing, you haters blinded by the doubt,
My niggas riding is devout, so talking violence out yo mouth,
And you gonna find what I'm about, nigga
Far from a slouch, nigga, I ain't gonna parlé with y'all,
I'll probably hit ya, my hand game like Bobby Fisher,
But check, them checks is all a nigga thinking,
For them Presidents, I'll treat a nigga like Lincoln

Final Words

This music has presently started out producing large craze. The music has optimistic language which suitable for all age. Dead Presidents - J. Cole is pursuing to remain pertinent in the playlist of audio fans. The artist set in added energy on this music. Supporters are widely fired up with this new rhythm.

Don’t hold out for a person to play it for you. Know this music by oneself. Don’t permit it go your ears. Download it on Fakaza today!

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